Our Story

Mae Avenue was established in 2017 in Perth, Western Australia by Amber Mae.

The inspiration behind Mae Avenue started with Amber's love of crystals and their healing abilities. Her love for crystals quickly grew, as she carried them everywhere she went, but just carrying them in her bag where their beauty was hidden wasn't enough. It was then that Amber realised there was a gap in the market for modern stylish candles with crystals and so Mae Avenue was established.

Here at Mae Avenue, we're not just about the crystals and their properties, we're also about the people we want to reach and provide stunning crystal candles to. We encourage our customers to be strong, empowered and walk a path of freedom. Through Amber's own personal journey, filled with its many challenges, she has come to admire those who possess strength and courage:

'We all have challenges and obstacles in life, whether big or small, but these obstacles are what makes and defines us. I've become such a big believer in the spiritual world. It is so much bigger than us. Our life and souls have a calling. Everyone is different, but everyone has a purpose. Here at Mae Avenue, we like to think we reach into souls and make them dance. Make them forget the world exists and work for their passions and purpose.' - Amber Mae